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Types of Autism

Years ago, there were thought to be four main types of autism, one of which was Asperger’s. Further discovery has led to the establishment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which now is inclusive. In other words, today’s diagnoses don’t range from one of the four disorders, but they all fall under ASD.

Understanding more about this developmental disability and the variations of symptoms has proven that no two cases are alike. One child with autism who has a similar background of another child with autism, of the same gender and age, may show strongly differing symptoms. From the skills, strengths, and weaknesses, to behaviors, there is no typical picture of what this “autistic disorder” looks like.

Unfortunately, while we have made progress on what autism is, we have not made too many critical advances on causes of autism. There are certainly some strong findings, and an array of speculations, but nothing concrete enough to explain the whole picture. We do know that genetic factors play a role, but not much beyond that is defined as autism causes.

If you or someone you know has autism, the most important aspect of what experts do know is that there are effective treatments. These treatments are what Innovative Behavior Options provides. We are a family-owned company that specializes in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, and work with clients in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Our services in no way cure autism, but what they do is strengthen the person’s ability to live with the developmental disability. From learning new skills to handling situations better, our training and approaches can make the smallest and even biggest differences that a person with autism and his/her family need.

If you’re looking to the web to learn more about ASD, you’ll discover an overwhelming amount of information. Types of autism, causes of autism, and treatments of autism are not the only topics. Make sure you research with a filter, and be meticulous about sifting through the advice, truths, and so on. You know your child.