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Signs of Autism

If you are a parent or loved one who is searching for signs of autism to first self-assess your child, then take a minute to breathe and know that you are doing a good thing. If you are wrong in your thinking, nothing is lost, but if you are right, much is gained. You will be glad you looked for answers. Recognizing is vital, but it is what you do with that suspicion that matters most.

Innovative Behavior Options is a family-owned business that employs therapists and a team of professionals who serve individuals with developmental disabilities, one of them being autism. While our work is focused more on the journey after autism detection, we do want to give those who come to us as much information and support as they long for. Signs of autism fall before our specialty, and we are not the trained medical providers who administer evaluations and diagnose this type of disability. With this in mind, we can share with you common knowledge on certain indicators, but we ask that you explore further avenues, as well. Contact your child’s doctor to discuss your concerns and the appropriate measures.

General signs include cognitive impairments, difficulties communicating, repetitive tendencies, and social issues. Avoiding eye contact, lacking empathy, not pointing, lining up toys habitually, and unusual reactions to sensory stimulants are just a few specific symptoms. Provided that autism is a spectrum disorder, any and all signs can vary in severity. One last note to emphasize, children without autism can also show the symptoms mentioned above, so you won’t want to use this list as a judgment.

If you are in the Atlanta, Georgia area, we invite you to share your child’s story with us. Our therapies may be just what he/she needs. Whether you are at the point of considering treatment or have yet to see a doctor about your questions and the signs of autism you’ve noticed, we will be here when you and your child are ready.