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On-Site ABA Services


aba services in atlantaNo two children or adults with the same diagnosis have the same level of functioning. Therefore, we provide Skill Acquisition and Maladaptive Behavior programs tailored to each individual, based on assessments and defined goals.

We train parents how to implement behavior programs for their child or adult with disabilities. Parent training and participation is a vital part of the success of our programs. We want to empower you as parents to feel like you know what to do in various situations with your child. We can help you come up with learning opportunities throughout the day in order to help your child generalize and master skills more quickly. If we write a behavior plan for your child, then we will train you and show you how to properly implement the plan in a variety of life’s situations.

We also train paraprofessionals and other service providers how to implement the individualized programs to provide behavior consistency.

We provide convenient, on-site services at preschools, elementary schools, organizations, centers, and in the home. If your child needs a facilitator at his/her school, then we can line you up with a therapist who can do that for your family.