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Data Collection Platform

Data Collection Platform

Innovative Behavior Options utilize the Catalyst data collection platform with all of our clients. Catalyst is a cutting edge data collection tool for tablets and smart phones. It allows your therapy team to take data and create graphs real-time. These graphs provide a visual representation of your child’s performance levels and any behavior issues.

The data is stored in a secure HIPAA compliant cloud-based database.  This allows the therapy team, parents or teachers to view the data on-site or remotely. Users can get a clear picture each day of how the child did in his/her session.

We can run reports in Catalyst to for your child’s school, doctors, other therapists, or insurance company in order for everyone in his environment to better understand how he/she is performing in therapy.

Parents can collect data on maladaptive behavior, record videos, and upload videos of each behavior episode. Therapists can upload short videos of sessions that the supervisor can view remotely as well.

Utilizing Catalyst dramatically decreases the supervisor’s billable time for programming, graphing, and report writing. There is a fee for Catalyst each month, which is easily recovered by reducing your therapy team’s billable time.