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Early Signs of Autism

In most cases, a child cannot be firmly diagnosed with autism until around 24 months of age. There are some scenarios where 18 months is old enough, and there have been exceptions of even earlier diagnoses. However, generally speaking, two years is about the time that a child will have either caught up to his age-specific milestones or shown most clearly that he has a developmental disability. With all of this being said, that does not mean a parent or loved one has to wait it out. If you suspect early signs of autism, no matter the child’s age, it is better to consult with a doctor than miss the window for early intervention.

Innovative Behavior Options is a family-owned company that offers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy services in the Atlanta, Georgia region. We work with many children with autism and their families, and strive to not only improve skills and behaviors of the child, but also help the family accept the diagnosis and make the transition. We know it can be overwhelming, especially at first, to respond to being told that your child has autism. The good news is there are treatments, which are what we provide.

Knowing that time can be on your side, learn the early signs of autism. Infants as young as about six to eight months can display autism markers. Lack of or rather avoidance of eye contact is arguably the earliest symptom. Others include lack of both facial expressions (smiles) and back-and-forth baby babble. Another general sign is regression of any skill. This is not a comprehensive record, so use it only as supporting data or an additional reference.

The purpose of this content is to encourage you not to let the fear keep you in denial. The earlier signs are detected, the sooner your child can receive help. No one knows your child better than you. Trust your instincts and look into having your child screened.