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Children with Autism

Children with autism have a neurological disorder that affects brain function and causes an array of setbacks with communication and social skills. You can’t tell simply by looking at the physical appearance of an autistic child that they have this disability, but rather by observing their behavior. In some cases, it takes a trained eye. In no way is autism contagious and those who have autism have normal life expectancy. While the general population is now familiar with this disorder, most people possess only the most basic understanding of what it is. This reality on top of the fact that even professionals are still researching, learning, deciding, and debating on major aspects of autism sometimes makes for more questions than answers.

Innovative Behavior Options doesn’t claim to have all the answers, but we do have promising responses. We specialize in therapy services for infants to adults with developmental disabilities. We serve a variety of clients, including children with autism and their loved ones. Instead of getting lost in the “why,” or even “what,” it’s often better to look ahead and focus on the “how.” “How are we going to deal with this,” “how can we get to this point,” and the like are questions our team can help you answer.

We spend our time and energy providing strategies for the how. Our services assist in changing behavior and promoting independence. If your child struggles with speaking, we may assess that our Verbal Behavior training is ideal for him/her. If you’re wondering how your child will be able to perform new skills, our Discrete Trial Training may offer just the solution. Let us share with you our profession. If you have a child who is living with autism, and you are living with it, as well, we can assist you both. We can equip you to do more than live with it.