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Autistic Children

“Autistic children” verses “children with autism” is a hot topic, debating on how to refer to those who have this disability. Innovative Behavior Options appreciates the difference of opinion, and vows to respect the individual wishes of each client. For the purpose of this content, we will use the term “autistic children,” but know that it is not intended to offend anyone.

Our services are directed toward those who have developmental disabilities, chief amongst them are autistic children. We have extensive experience working with people of all ages, though, and offer our therapy to anyone in need in the Atlanta, Georgia region. If you or your child have autism and have yet to explore potential treatments, we invite the opportunity to discuss with you what role we can fulfill in your lives.

Autistic children lie on their own place within the spectrum, thus the name. In view of this, it is imperative to thoroughly assess your child’s profile – his strengths, weaknesses, behaviors, and so forth. This is what we do in order to develop the most appropriate and effective approach for your child. No two strategies are the same, just as no two children with autism are the same.

Our therapies, which stem from Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), are designed to help children overcome their personal developmental challenges, and potentially learn new skills. These treatments can enable your child –and you– to do more than deal with autism, they can help you thrive. We will discuss suitable expectations from any implemented therapy, but as a blanket statement, it is important to know that we celebrate progress. Setting a defined end result isn’t always ideal, nor is it always possible. There may be hiccups and frustrations along the way, but the positivity comes from having a direction to go in. Together, we can move toward where you and your child want to go.