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Autism Treatment

How can you treat something without knowing what causes it? While that may be a valid question, it is not one that we want to dwell on, because there are better ways to invest our time. Of course, it would be a remarkable find – what causes autism, but until then, we are going to focus on what we do know and what we can do about it.

While there is much speculation about potential causes and influential factors of autism, Innovative Behavior Options deals with the more concrete side of this disorder. We work with experiences and results. Our therapists may not be able to tell you what caused your child to have autism, but they can help you respond to it, and better yet, they can help your child live with it.

This assistance comes from our treatments we specialize in, which are Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapies. From filling in the blank verbal exercises to rewarding a child for making a selection, the strategies are diverse and effective when used appropriately. We will do our part, but it’s best when parents step in and carry on these applied therapies. For this reason, we also train parents.

Of course, everything we recommend and administer is in line with your child’s needs, your family’s goals, and the resources at hand. We don’t move forward until all parties are on the same page. When you have a question, ask; if you have a concern, bring it up. Our team is approachable and wants to be here for you. We can’t do our job unless you support it, and how could you support it, if there is a roadblock in your way? Let us clear up the confusion and make progress together.

Every person with autism has his/her own treatment. Some require lifelong treatment. Many have a combination of treatments in place. There is no telling what your child will necessitate until we do a thorough analysis, but whatever the details may be, you can find hope in our commitment to treating your child.