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Autism Therapies

Autism therapies are not to cure those diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, though one could hope. In fact, they are designed to provide relief from the sometimes debilitating symptoms of this disability, and to set affected children and adults on the road to functioning independently. Treating ASD is not clear-cut, but it is effective in more ways than one.

Fortunately, widespread insight has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of uncovering more information about ASD. Obviously, the more we know, the better equipped we are to respond. At Innovative Behavior Options, we want to share this knowledge with you. You are who we serve.

We invite the opportunity to get to know your child or loved one, along with any family members who play a part in the child’s everyday life. If our services are what you’re looking for, then we will be happy to work alongside you, as a specialist, supporter, and an encourager. The fact that you found our site shows you’re moving in the right direction. Various therapies are about progress, more so than a definite end result, and that progress can only stem from someone making the decision to proactively deal with it. Our team will be here to foster that decision.

Available therapies that exist are about as diverse as the autism spectrum itself. From therapy dogs to music, the tools and methods are only as successful as the proper application. We concentrate on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy, which includes the following specialties: Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Verbal Behavior (VB), Pivotal Response Training (PRT), and Natural Environment Training (NET). To learn more about these types, browse our site or contact us directly. Our therapists work on-site and remotely, and will also train you so you can confidently serve in your part.

We welcome your questions, and would be honored to become a piece of your puzzle. Together, we can implement the appropriate therapy for your child and guide him/her toward a life well lived.