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Autism Signs

Do you have a child who is missing his/her age-appropriate milestones? Do you know the signs of autism? Autism is certainly not the only reason behind children developing slower than what is deemed normal, but if your parental instincts are pressing on your mind, do a little research or contact your doctor for a consult.

Innovative Behavior Options is not a leading expert on autism specifically. Rather, we are professionals who provide services to help treat those with autism. What we do is centered on Applied Behavior Analysis therapies. From learning a new skill to toilet training, we can guide you and your child in living with autism.

First things first, though; you need to have your child screened if you think he/she falls on the autism spectrum. There are massive amounts of information available to the general public on this developmental disability – some outdated, some inaccurate, some plainly wrong, others reliable and helpful. Most, if not all, is well-intentioned, but you want to be wise in processing it.

When it comes to researching signs of autism, understand that none of them are exclusive to autism. If your child displays a particular marker of autism, there could be another actual cause. We have comprised a small list of symptoms, but read them with prudence.

Lack of eye contact from as early as six months or younger, not babbling or gesturing by one year, resists cuddling, does not understand simple directions, displays unexpected responses to sensory stimulants, and becomes troubled by slightest change – these are just a few examples. Autism is a spectrum disorder so even those who show these aforementioned signs, or any other sign, will do so to their own specific degree.

Whether you want to do further investigations or are ready to make a phone call, our team is available for assistance. Our role comes into play a little further down the road, but we are here for those who are learning how to deal with and treat autism.