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Autism in Children

Most experts agree that autism in children is present at birth, but the outward symptoms are not apparent until the early toddler years. For this reason, children are typically at least two years old before a reliable diagnosis can take place. There are some, however, who argue that children have developed autism later in life, anywhere from age 10 to adulthood. These cases, which comprise a very small percentage of people with autism, would generally fall under what is referred to as either regressive or late onset autism.

No matter your stance on when or even why autism ensues, the common ground is that early intervention is optimal. The sooner you address symptoms of autism in children, the better. This isn’t to discourage those who may have missed the window. Whatever stage you are in, you can improve that stage with treatment. Innovative Behavior Options offers an array of services geared toward treating children with autism and educating them and their parents.

Most of what we do is centered on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. We come up with a plan for your child that is specific to his/her needs, along with your family goals. It is our mission “to serve our clients by creating individualized learning and behavior programs that promote independence and facilitate reaching their highest potential.” In order to do this, we must assess your child’s profile, and then determine a strategy that will most effectively advance his/her daily life.

Are you questioning whether your child has autism, and looking for answers? There is no medical test for autism, but that shouldn’t prevent anyone from exploring the possibility. Many outlets of support and assistance are out there. You found us. We invite the opportunity to hear your story and share with you what we do. If we are a fit for you, then you and your child will become a part of Innovative Behavior Options. Together, we’ll work through the journey.