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Autism Facts

As with any provocative subject, it can be challenging to decipher the facts from opinions, assumptions, and even myths. It is no different with the matter of autism, despite the importance of knowing its truth. There are overwhelming amounts of information out there, much of which is good-intentioned, but remember that you can’t always believe every piece. Unfortunately, you may even come across contradicting material. Likewise, even if something is factual, it doesn’t necessarily apply to your child’s autism. After all, autism is a spectrum disorder, so no two cases are alike.

Innovative Behavior Options is a family-owned business that offers Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy and other services to those in need. We don’t promise to have all the answers that you could ever long for but we do possess education and skills that will help you deal with what you do know. Oftentimes, investing your energy into what you can do will lesson your concerns with what you can’t do or don’t know.

Depending on your story, you may know a great deal about autism, be at the beginning point of the learning curve, or be somewhere in the middle. Whatever the case, we hope you find the below list of autism facts helpful, enlightening, or at least reassuring. This is by no means inclusive, nor is it in order of importance. These are simply common points that we felt compelled to share.

  1. There is no known cause of autism.
  2. There is no medical detection for autism.
  3. There is no known cure for autism.
  4. Autism is treatable.
  5. Boys are more often diagnosed with autism than are girls.
  6. Factually speaking, autism is not necessarily on the rise (though diagnoses are increasing).
  7. Autism is not contagious. It does run in families.
  8. Autism spectrum disorder varies person by person.
  9. We invite any questions, concerns, or remarks, and will do our best to offer you a prong of support.

We invite any questions, concerns, or remarks, and will do our best to offer you a prong of support.